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Designed to meet the needs of students who have completed the Theta Trading Stock Options Academy Introductory Course and are looking for more ‘hands on’ coaching to accelerate their knowledge and ability to generate profits from trading options.

Theta Trading Coaching is led by expert coaches who will support your success in trading by reviewing fundamentals, key concepts, and break trading down step-by-step. To make this an excellent experience for all students, we will cap class sizes for optimal learning.

There are two Theta Trading Coaching Programs launching August 16th.

We want to make this an excellent experience for all students so we will be capping class sizes. We encourage you to sign-up early to secure your spot.

Theta Trading Coaching Program will:

  1. Refresh key topics and critical steps for you
  2. Give you support and confidence to take action
  3. Help you set up your trading account
  4. Reduce the initial time it takes to begin trading with efficiency …and make money!
Group Coaching

4 Interactive Virtual Sessions Limited, engaged class size


+ tax for 4 Sessions

Programs Starting Regularly

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for Dates and Times

No make-up classes

Private Coaching

1 Hour Session

Tailored to your specific needs and questions


+ tax per Session

Scheduling to be arranged with coaches.

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to find out more and book your session

 24-hour cancellation policy applies 

Our Coaches

Theta Trading is proud to introduce Fadi Habib and Kobi Amponsah, our expert coaches responsible for leading the Theta Trading Coaching Program.

Fadi and Kobi were recruited to lead the Theta Trading Coaching Program by Omar Khan and Matthew Todman for their knowledge, passion for teaching and their mutually held belief in Theta Trading’s ability to change the lives of Theta Trading students for the better.

Fadi Habib
Fadi Habib


Fadi Habib’s passion is to help people realize their dreams through real estate investing and options trading. He believes that investing is a skill that can be acquired. Focusing on authenticity and integrity as the building blocks of his coaching practice, Fadi creates real breakthroughs in performance. He is not afraid to hold students accountable and will provide that needed “push” to help his students succeed. Fadi immigrated to Canada 22 years ago, completed a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and began working in the corporate world. His investment career started in 2002, with him building a respectable real estate portfolio, which he continues to own and manage. Fadi’s Real Estate Investment profile was published in the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine, April 2013 issue. His passion for investing in options made him redirect funds from his real estate portfolio to his IBKR account, where he is enjoying great returns.

A part-time professor, Fadi brings over 25 years of industry experience. Fadi has taught at Conestoga College and at Wilfred Laurier University, MBA Program.

Kobi Amponsah


Kobi Amponsah is an entrepreneur and investor in stocks and real estate for over 10 years. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree with over 8 years experience working in the healthcare and technology industries. At an early age, Kobi understood that generational wealth was necessary to enable the life he truly wanted and to live on his own terms. Kobi’s extensive 10-year entrepreneurial journey includes owning and operating three diverse businesses in various industries. However, stock investing has always been at the core of his personal income growth strategy.

Currently, Kobi is focusing on his purpose and mission: to help aspiring investors leverage stocks, increase their income potential in order to build long-term wealth.

Kobi believes knowledge is never truly power without action. He is committed to encouraging students to take action, so they grow their knowledge and confidence, leading to more financial value in their lives.


You need to have completed the Theta Trading Academy Introductory Course and NOT taken the advanced course.

This program is for you!

If you took the Theta Trading Academy Introductory Course but need a little extra support to get going, this is perfect for you.

Whether you just completed the Theta Trading Academy Introductory Course, or it’s been a few months since you completed it, and you’re a little unclear or forgot some concepts,

Theta Trading Coaching Programs will:

  1. Refresh key topics and critical steps for you
  2. Give you support and confidence to take action
  3. Help you to set up your trading account.
  4. Reduce the initial time it takes to begin trading with efficiency…and make money!

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