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At Theta Trading, our goal is to help you achieve

financial freedom by teaching you the foundations of

trading stock options. Join our growing community by

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Stock Options Academy

Our Approach

We’ve built our flagship course around our own successful methods and approach to trading. The way we trade is disciplined and definitive and we don’t waiver. Our approach is:


Trade anywhere in the world where there’s an internet connection. We execute 99% of our trades through our smartphones and we’ll show you how.

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We believe wealth creation should be quick, effective, and organized. To us, that means using our trading skills efficiently, to earn better than average returns.

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They’re the building blocks of personal relationships but emotions don’t have a place in trading. Learn to be detached when making investment decisions.

What We Offer

We provide trading strategies that are professional and relevant. Our philosophy is simple:
If we don’t do it ourselves, we don’t teach it.

What People Are Saying

Gain life-long skill

People who don’t know how the stock or options markets work typically invest their hard-earned savings in mutual funds and/or bonds which they pay a hefty price for someone else to manage. The sad part is that most mutual funds don’t even beat the markets because of their high costs. There’s a better way. We’ll show you how to buy the stocks you want at a discount to the market price and then sell those stocks using options, all while generating income.

Trade with confidence

Many people never get an opportunity to pursue their true passion in life because they lack the financial freedom to do it. Unfortunately, financial knowledge isn’t something that’s taught in traditional schools so it usually means relying on financial advisors to manage your money. We’ll show you strategies that help you take control of your future through financial knowledge. 

Create multiple income streams

Warren Buffet said: “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until the day you die.” We’ll show you how to create additional income you can use to enhance your lifestyle or acquire more assets, like real estate. We believe it’s best to have multiple income streams because there’s no perfect investment, job, or business. Having more than one stream of income is vital to achieving financial freedom.

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Who we are

Theta Trading Co-Founder Matthew Todman

Matthew Todman


Matthew Todman, CPA, CA, CFA brings 15+ years of financial services experience to the table. His early career began on Toronto’s Bay Street, at a Big Four accounting firm, before he moved on to a chartered Canadian bank, holding roles on the trading floor and in finance. Matthew then went into private practice, founding an accounting firm. Currently, he spends his time managing his accounting firm’s strategic direction, overseeing his real estate portfolio, trading derivatives, and building out Theta Trading.

Omar Khan


Omar Khan’s career spans more than 15 years in financial services. Starting out in the brokerage arm of a Big Five Canadian bank, he quickly rose through the ranks of the industry to AVP in a widely known mutual fund company. He then shifted his focus, becoming a full-time real estate investor and derivatives trader. Omar holds a BA in Economics from the University of Toronto. He currently spends his professional life trading derivatives, building his real estate portfolio, and promoting the core values of Theta Trading.

Theta Trading Co-Founder Omer Khan

Theta Stock Options Academy - Online & Live Streamed

Theta Stock Option Academy

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