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What is The Theta Trading Stock Options
Academy Introductory Course?

The Theta Trading Stock Options Academy Introductory Course is our premier course, designed to help you understand how the stock market works, and how you can use options trading to earn incremental income and achieve financial freedom. This freedom is easily achievable no matter where your current level of knowledge is: from absolute beginner, to occasional investor to seasoned financial professional.

Our Approach

We've built The Theta Trading Stock Options Academy to teach the core trading principles that make up our successful options trading strategy. The powerful strategies we teach are straightforward enough to be taught to novice traders with little or no knowledge, and powerful enough to be ‘game-changing’ for experienced traders.


Trade from anywhere in the world on your phone. We execute almost all of our trades on our smartphones, and we’ll show you exactly how to do it, too.


We believe wealth creation should be available to people everywhere. With changes in technology and access to training like the education we provide, everyone can develop the skills to trade options efficiently and realize better than average returns.


They’re the building blocks of personal relationships but emotions don’t have a place in trading. Learn to be detached when making investment decisions.


What We Offer

We provide the most knowledgeable approach to trading options based on over 40 years of experience trading. Our trading philosophy is simple, if we don’t do it ourselves, we don’t teach it to students.


Invest in Your Long-Term Wealth,
Invest in Your Financial Knowledge


Theta Trading Stock Options Academy

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19th & 20th February 2022
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With your order you’ll receive access to all the following training, tools, resources and community to support your continued learning and confidence.

Join the community of over a 1,300 Theta Traders earning thousands of dollars of incremental revenue by simply applying Theta’s actionable system to options trading. Find out what they know about getting paid to purchase stocks they were prepared to buy anyway, without taking on additional risk.

You will learn firsthand from Theta Trading Founders, Omar Khan and Matthew Todman, how to avoid the mistakes they made along the way and earn a significant income in just over 30 minutes a day.

  • 14 Modules of Extraordinary Training Over 2 Days
  • Private Group with weekly Coaching & Support in our Private Theta Community on Facebook and Instagram
  • 6 Months of Continuing Education
  • 6 Months of our proprietary research, market indicators and trade examples for learning purposes in our daily Email Newsletters
  • Full Instant Access to Our Online Recorded Training, Guest speakers & Exclusive events

Our Google Reviews Say It ALL


Yes! We have taught over 1,300 students, most with little or no previous trading experience. We have taught stay at home parents, truck drivers and students with no previous knowledge.

Omar Khan and Matthew Todman have put their combined 40 years of trading experience into developing the industry’s best options trading program, often copied but never replicated.

For Omar and Matthew this is not a part-time commitment. Teaching is their full time passion and students can feel the difference in their learning and engagement. Our OUTSTANDING Google reviews and student feedback confirm the Theta Trading difference.

Yes! This course is designed for Canadians, Americans and people living anywhere in the world with access to the internet and a smartphone. We have taught students from Canada, USA, The Caribbean, Pakistan, Egypt and more.

Most of our students start trading after completing the intensive two-day course. When traders are starting out, they tend to spend more time researching and executing trades. This quickly turns into just over 30 minutes a day, providing students do the work to understand the Theta Trading strategy.

As Omar always reminds investors – “don’t focus on the funds, focus on the knowledge”. Once you know how to build your wealth through options, you will be able to direct more funds to trading. To begin, you are investing in valuable knowledge. You can start with a few thousand dollars and work your way up to live trading. We encourage students to practice using paper money and go over how this works in the course.

The next course is November 27th and 28th. The course is being offered virtually and runs from 9am to 5pm each day.