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Learn at your own pace

We get that you may not have a whole weekend free, that distance may prevent you from joining us for one of our upcoming courses, or that you'd prefer to learn in your own time. That's why we've made an online self paced course available. 

Our online introductory course provides you with the material we cover in the in person and live streamed course, and features videos of students asking questions they've had at the end of each section so you'll have a good sense of what fellow students are curious about. 


What you'll get

  • Stock Option Academy - Introductory Course 

    Access to the all the course modules, online at your own pace

  • Follow-up group coaching

    through weekly webinars hosted by Omar and Matthew

  • Updates on financial markets

    via our daily newsletters, which you'll receive for 6 months

  • 6 month access to our private online Theta Trading community 

    Learn and engage with the community, share ideas and ask questions with over 600+ students

Learn how to trade...At your own pace

Currently Theta Trading is launching its flagship course: Theta Trading Stock Options Academy Online. Our online course features real life students asking real questions they have at the end of each chapter providing the online student a sense of what of their fellow students are curious about.

We get that you may not have a whole weekend free, that distance may prevent you from joining us for one of our upcoming courses, or that you'd prefer to learn in your own time. That's why we've made an online course available. 

Our online offering includes:

  • Theta Trading Stock Options Academy Online
  • 8 live webinars following your registration date
  • Access to our private Facebook group for 6 months
  • Daily newsletter including financial market commentary for 6 months

Is this online course for you?

If you're a disciplined, motivated person, that's a great start. But it takes more than that. Our goal is to make sure our online students complete the course, understand the subject matter, and can then execute on it. This is a practical course not necessarily an academic one. You'll need to carve out time in your schedule to watch and learn effectively. Also, it's probably best that you finish the course sooner rather than later. Some students learn our strategy 100% online at their own pace, others attend our live stream after viewing the recorded online course. You can take advantage of both or simply use the online courses to learn our strategy. The choice is yours.

Benefits of our online course:

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Start Today
  • Re-watch any time
  • Learn from anywhere

What People Are Saying

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Gain life-long skill

People who don't know how the stock or options markets work typically invest their hard-earned savings in mutual funds and/or bonds which they pay a hefty price for someone else to manage. The sad part is that most mutual funds don't even beat the markets because of their high costs. There's a better way. We'll show you how to buy the stocks you want at a discount to the market price and then sell those stocks using options, all while generating income. 

Trade with confidence

Many people never get an opportunity to pursue their true passion in life because they lack the financial freedom to do it. Unfortunately, financial knowledge isn't something that's taught in traditional schools so it usually means relying on financial advisors to manage your money. We'll show you strategies that help you take control of your future through financial knowledge.

Create multiple income streams

Warren Buffet said: "If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until the day you die." We'll show you how to create additional income you can use to enhance your lifestyle or acquire more assets, like real estate. We believe it's best to have multiple income streams because there's no perfect investment, job, or business. Having more than one stream of income is vital to achieving financial freedom.

This online course is for you if:

  • You want to create an additional income source
  • You're tired of relying on others to manage your money for you
  • You're interested in learning how the stock and options markets work
  • You're ready to learn a new, life-long financial skill
  • You want to take control of your financial future

Online Modules

14 modules are included in the Online recorded Course just like the live streamed course.

Module #1: Introduction 

Module #2: Financial Markets Overview

Module #3: Picking the Underlying 

Module #4: Overview -Fundamentals and Technical Analysis

Get Started Today

Register for our training and receive instant access to our online course of 14 modules. 

Included is 1 ticket to attend a future 2 day live stream event of your choice with Omar and Matthew to hone your skills and deepen your learning. 

You also receive 6 months of access to our online private Facebook community, daily Newsletter and  Weekly Coaching Webinars.

Theta Trading Stock Options Academy

Full Online Training (Includes Live Streamed Weekend):

Instant Course Access + Live Stream

$1,597+ HST (Each)

Self Paced Online vs. Live Stream Class

Online Recorded Course Live Stream Weekend Course
Learn at your own pace Yes Class keeps moving
Networking opportunities Less More. Many of our students enhance their networks significantly over our weekend courses
Flexibility More flexibility but may not more efficiency Less flexibility but way more efficiency
Ability to ask questions Less More; we aim to answer all questions before moving on to the next chapter
Community Lessor sense of community Greater sense of community; our student form part of our community
Theta Trading Webinar access weekly No difference No difference
Theta Trading Daily Newsletter No difference No difference
6 month Access to private online group No difference No difference
Commuting None None